Lace Closure Maintenance


When installed properly lace closures should be undetectable. Please follow these tips for a proper install

  • Bleach the knots on your closure to give a realistic appearance. I recommend allowing your stylist to do this if you are unfamiliar with it.

  • If you don’t want to bleach your knots use makeup concealer to fill in the part on your closure to match your scalp color. You can apply concealer using an angled eyeliner brush

  • If you like defined parting, you can pluck the hairs with a tweezer to make your part wider. Please be careful when tweezing this is lace and it can rip easily.


Do not over bleach your knots. Over bleaching can cause shedding and tangling.

Do not brush/comb hard. Use only use a wide tooth comb or brush with soft bristles when styling. Combing and brushing too harsh will loosen the hair strands.

Do not comb from the root. Start from the ends and work your way up. Hold the hair at the root to prevent tension when combing/brushing.

Hair loss on closures is relatively easy because it is not wefted like extensions. If you do any of the things listed under DON’TS, you can experience bald patches due to improper care.


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